How to change PlanningForce / OnePMO language


In some case, users cannot change the software language because of insufficient privileges or the Windows UAC.

How to manually change the language (Windows).

Navigate to the installation folder (commonly it is “C:\ISC\PlanningForce Director” for PlanningForce or “C:\ISC\OnePMO” for OnePMO users)

Installation Folder

In this folder, you will find a file named “planningforce.ini” or “onepmo.ini”. Edit this file with Notepad.

.ini file content

Replace the “” attribute by the one of those attributes:

  • English :
  • French  :

And for Mac users?

Open “Finder” and go to the Applications folder ( “/Applications/” ) or the folder where PlanningForce / OnePMO is installed.

Right-click on the application and select “Show package content”

Show Package content

Go to “Contents -> MacOS”

MacOS Folder

In this folder, like for Windows users, you will find a “planningforce.ini” or “onepmo.ini” file. Right-click on the file and select “Open-with”. Choose “Text Edit” from the application list.

.ini file content

Like for Windows users, replace the “” settings with one of those settings:

  • English :
  • French  :