How can you see the list of resources that you are in charge of?

To visualize all resources that you are in charge of you just have to click and access to the “Resources” view.

You will see the following information for each resource:

  • The total planned (in days).
  • The time worked (in days).
  • The ratio represents the number obtaining by dividing the time worked by the total planned.

Color legend:

  • Green: in advance
  • Yellow: on time
  • Red: late
  • The timesheet last update represents the date when the resource encode its timesheet the last time. On the left side of the resource name, the ball is:
  • Green if the resource is considered on time in updating its timesheet
  • Red if the resource is considered late in updating its timesheet

Resource availability

In the “Resources” view you can also see the resource usage and availability of your resources portfolio. By selecting a specific resource and after clicking on “Refresh” you will visualize the resource usage and the availability of that resource.