How can you prioritize projects?

In the “Scheduling”¬† tab you can prioritize projects.

Applying priorities to projects  allows you to indicate to the application which projects you want that the application schedules before the others. The application will try to respect the prioritization but it also depends on other parameters such as the resource availability.
The highest priority is 1 and there is no lowest priority: you have to define the granularity/scale you want to use to prioritize your projects.

Let’s take an example to illustrate the priorities on projects:

1. In the scheduling configuration I define my own prioritization scale (from 1 to 3) and I determine the priority of each project.

2. Here is the result in the Output Gantt:

3. Finally one of the resource needed on Project 1 is not available before 31/07/2012

4. Here is the new results in the Output Gant:

Even if Project 1 has the highest priority, the application schedules the other projects before because of the resource unavailability. The application will not delay all the projects to respect the prioritization.