Hourly mode and memory management

Here is some information to help you better understand the memory consumption of PlanningForce / OnePMO.

When you schedule by day, we create a memory allocation by day, tasks and resources.
We can describe the memory footprint as follows:

Allocations Qty = Tasks Qty * Resources Qty * Days Qty

It becomes obvious that when planning hour, this rule becomes:

Allocations Qty = Tasks Qty * Resources Qty * Days Qty * 8 Hours a day
(depending on the number of hours of work describing a day in your preferences)

In theory, one therefore finds that the memory increases a report 8.
In reality, this ratio will be lower, because scheduling interval is not exclusively hour.

For optimal planning, it is advisable to define a scheduling interval in hours, after this time, you can plan the day, then weekly and finally monthly.