Glossary – PlanningForce Web Access


This graph indicates the planned, the remaining and the daily achieved load day by day.

Created task

A created task is a task that has been initially created in PlanningForce Web Access TM.


The delta is the difference between the planned load in PlanningForce Web Access TM and the initial planned load in PlanningForce.


This diagram displays projects, its structure (task groups, tasks and milestones) and related information such as start dates and progress of projects.

Last publication

The last publication date represents the last date when the PMO published data.


The load is the number of working days (person days) that are necessary to achieve a task. The load is synonym of effort.

Project Leader (PL)

Projects Leaders are the delegates of PMs. They manage the day-to-day work, including change request, task progress update and make sure that resources encode their progress on tasks.

Planned task

A planned task is a task that has been created and planned in PlanningForce TM.

Planning start date

The planning start date displays the start date of the current plan in PlanningForce TM

Program Manager Officer (PMO)

The PMO (Program Manager Officer) is a person in charge of creating and managing: plans, progress status, simulations, projects, resources, PMs, PLs and Resources.

Project Manager (PM)    

The Project Managers are users to whom the PMO assigns projects and resources. They don’t have rights on simulations but can access the projects they are in charge of. They can’t alter the description of resources (roles, skills, calendars).


The progress of a task is represented by percentages of time worked on the task.


The publication process is used by the PMO to publish data on PlanningForce Web Access TM.


The ratio represents the number obtaining by dividing the time worked by the total planned.

Remaining load

The remaining load is the number of working days (person days) that are still necessary to achieve a task.


As a resource, you get access to your online schedule, update time spent on tasks,…

Task allocation

The task allocation represents a task bloc that has been planned on a specific day.

Timesheet last update

The timesheet last update represents the date when the resource encode its timesheet the last time.