Does the application take the real available resource capacity into account when the PM schedules?

When the PM schedules his project(s), the application takes the real available capacity of resources into account.

In the “Results” tab, the PM will see the scheduling results of his own project(s) taking into account the real available capacity of resources. These results won’t be shared with the PMO if the PM doesn’t validate his results.

After logging on, the PMO has to schedule data in order to take into account all the changes that have been made by his PMs. The PMO is working in a global environment. So the scheduling results might be different from what the PM saw because the PMO schedules all the projects and all the resources.

If the PM wants to fix and share his scheduling results with the PMO, he has to validate his projects. Meaning that when the PMO will schedule data, the PM’s project will remain at the same place.

Pay attention that resources will be booked by the first PM that validates his data.